What we do

Our motto is "Fun, Fellowship and Fundraising"

 In addition to the weekly Club meetings, our Club also enjoys many other events

Fundraising events may be in support of a project, may benefit a specific charity, or may be run to raise general funds for distribution to more than one charity. Further information about these can be found by following this link Some events (such as crewing the Bruce Trust canal bots) are run jointly with other Rotary Clubs (particularly with other geographically close Rotary Clubs).  In the latter case it is usual to share the proceeds of the event with the other participating Clubs. 

Social events are held to promote fellowship, and some to mark significant Club anniversaries.  We usually invite Members partners to such events and we may extend a welcome to Rotarians and their partners from other Clubs, as well as friends of Club members. We are well known in the area for hosting a number of excellent large-scale events,open to the whole town. These include St George's Day dinners, Family Fun Days, Medieval Banquets, and Antiques Road Show.

Club members and their partners have enjoyed a number of BBQs, as well as visits to such places as the Pudding Club, the Neasden Temple, Bruges, Amsterdam, Rheims, and regular annual Quiz Nights and Games Nights. If appropriate we may invite Friends of Rotary and prospective new members to our social events.  We usually indulge in a minor amount of fundraising at social events: so as to increase the Clubs charity funds, and also to increase the fun we have at our social events.

We enjoy participating in a few inter-club sporting and other competitive events that are organised into District leagues and knock-out competitions - for example our Club regularly participates in Darts competitions, with variable success! The participation in such competitions is most definitely social, fosters a huge amount of fun and fellowship, and helps us bond with our fellow Club Rotarians, as well as helping develope inter-club relationships with other Rotary Clubs.

Our very successful twinning with the Rotary Club of Fontaine LEveque in Belgium has broadened our understanding of the bigger Rotary International world. Follow this link for more

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