06/08 John A - ITMA in Rotary

Does he ever stop?

John A has too much time on his hands!!

Having recently recovered from a spell of inactivity, Rotarian John Abercrombie is now back in full swing. Approached by the Holiday Bible Club in Westhill John was asked by members of Skene Parish Church to help them with some of their activities. So his loving wife Freda having thought she was to get the kitchen back and the garage area turned back to its original purpose found herself in the space age....but not the "empty" space she was looking for. John decided to create a rocket for the bible club and to supply some moon rocks. Our photos show John working through early design to the finished article....Made from paper John decided he couldnt launch it with the usual propellant so decided to see how far he could throw it!!!            We await take off sometime between 12th and 16th August.....telescopes to the ready.... all systems are GO...we hope...10, 9, 8,..........