WE are not a secret society. To dispel the myth - we are not a group of men - our club is composed of almost an equal number of men and women. We welcome guests to our club - all you have to do is drop us an email or telephone our secretary.

We meet every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at The Star Roberttown. People often ask - what is the point of weekly meetings?

We believe that by meeting with fellow members on a regular basis, we build up friendship. It is this friendship that underpins everything we do.

We get to The Star around 6.30pm; our meeting starts at 6.45pm with a dinner currently costing £12 for 2 courses. Having shared a meal, we listen to comments from our members about the service projects and fellowship activities. This is followed by committee meetings, council meetings or invited speakers. The first two activities help us to manage club affairs efficiently and the 'speaker evenings' help us to remain connected with the community and broaden awareness about some contemporary issues.

We always welcome guests to our meetings. Our meetings are not  secret we are not a secret organisation.

If you are curious whether interested in Rotary or not - please send us an email. We will let you know what is on. You can be assured of a warm welcome. 

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