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Our support for Rotary International charities

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Rotary International is the biggest charitable organisation in the world with 1.2 million members. It has for years led the fight to free the world of polio and it provides help to disaster areas and to communities in need across the world. It is the only voluntary organisation with a seat at the United Nations.

Every year Currie Balerno Rotary supports and contributes to Rotary charities.  

We feature on this page:

The Rotary Foundation – Rotary’s own charity offering health and welfare support to disadvantaged communities;

End Polio Now - Rotary’s campaign to bring an end to polio world-wide;

ShelterBox and AquaBox – two charities which provide aid in disaster areas across the world.

'What We Do' - Rotary Charities sub-pages:

ShelterBox & Aquabox

more Two charities both started by Rotary clubs but that are now independent.

End Polio Now

more Rotary's campaign started in 1985

The Rotary Foundation

more Rotary's Own Charity - The Rotary Foundation