Thursday meeting/ Aireborough Nomads - the story so far

The Aireborough Nomads were asked to tell their story to Rotary members at a break-out session at the District Conference in Scarborough - October 2013

Philip Livesey girds himself for the fray
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A satellite group of the Rotary Club of Aireborough


Why set up a satellite group?

To explore new sources of prospective members e.g. working people, those preferring evening meetings or those looking for less formality


What is different about the satellite group?

It is less formal - no grace or toasts and does not centre on a meal

It runs first and third Thursdays in the month, on a drop-in basis between 6 8.00 p.m. whereas the Rotary Club meets weekly, Tuesday lunchtimes 12.30 2.00 p.m.

New people have meant new ideas, new vigour and a different energy

Though the base is Horsforth Golf Club, different venues have been used meals out have been held locally at Caring for Life, Cheerful Chilli, Buon Apps and the Deli Stop

The last half hour of each meeting is used specifically as social time


What has been achieved so far?

Five new members enrolled including first females into the Club

Overall Club average age reduced

Opportunity for current working Club members to become more actively involved

More thinking outside the box e.g. intention to invite parents of RYLA students and Ocean Youth Trust (North) participants to informal meeting for their view on how successful the courses were for their children.

Fire safety project initiated

Visits and phone calls from interested Clubs and invitations to spread the word at other Clubs

Contact made with charities/activities outside our normal circle Aireborough Summer Activities Scheme, Chameleon, link to music project for young people in Lviv, Ukraine

New successful events aiming to bring people not previously involved with Rotary into contact with the Club

  • Sheepstakes Race Night raised 700 to share between Chameleon (working in South Africa) and Martin House Hospice)
  • Barbecue filled 9 backpacks and donated 200 to Marys Meals
  • Quiz Night coming up in November
  • Grand Easter Egg Hunt planned for 2014


Setting up a new, separate Club has not been a consideration. This is seen as an aid to continuity planning.