Focus on the crocus

The Focus on the crocus initiative was developed in 2010 to create awareness of, and raise funds to help eliminate polio from the globe. The purple crocus was chosen to signify the purple die placed on children's little (pinkie) finger after immunisation

Over five million Crocus Ruby Giant planted in aid of End Polio Now

Spearheading Rotary

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The Grange responded within days ...

Providing emergency disaster relief

more Regrettably, whilst the world suffers too many natural disaters, the Grange can be relied upon to hit the streets, and use its resources to respond quickly to those that affect us most. We may donate indirectly through the Disasters Emergency Committee.

A young African child being examined with one of the Grange's 'Optyse' ophthalmoscopes

Making blindness history (ROI)

more In the last seven years the Club has conducted eight projects in Asia to restore sight for over 8,000 poor and underprivileged people and potentially reducing world poverty by some £6m pa. If you would like a Club talk on this subject contact Stephen

A Rotarian abroad

more In a 12,500 mile goodwill and fact finding tour RC Stevenage Grange's International Chairman will visit Clubs and projects in Pakistan and Nepal. Do support his initiative & make a donation to our Charity account.

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Over five million Crocus Ruby Giant planted in aid of End Polio Now

What we do internationally

back From sending a cow to Africa, to providing dictionaries to Zululand; from supporting disaster relief appeals to helping people in devloping countries regain their sight, the 'Grange' looks to make your donations work effectively for the world community.