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The Rotary Club of Princes Risborough

Our local Rotary Club was established in May 1981, formed with 38 members. The Club still enjoys the company of 16 Founder members and membership has increased steadily to 56.

Meetings take place at Whiteleaf Golf Club on Mondays at 8:00pm, except the first Monday of each month when meetings start at 1:00 pm.

Similar to the structure of Rotary lnternational the club has a President who serves in office for one .year and is supported by officers and Committee Chairmen.

The Committees are:

Club Administration: dealing with the working and planning of the Club

Community Projects: looking at how members can benefit and service the community and support local charity projects.

lnternational and Foundation: with responsibility for overseas charity projects, disaster relief, and also supporting Rotary's own charity through club sponsorship.

Youth Opportunities: Organising competitions, outings, exchange and sponsorship for young people at home and abroad. We actively support Interact clubs at local secondary schools.

All members participate in a committee and have a voice in the running of the Club and its current projects.

Meetings take place each week with a wide ranging agenda of Club business, external and internal speakers, and fellowship evenings. Regular attendance at meetings is encouraged, and as a Rotarian, you can visit and be expected to be welcomed, at any Rotary Club worldwide.

At meetings, the club's business is addressed followed by a meal, coffee and then some form of entertainment. Often, club visits are organised to places of historic or topical interest.

Fellowship plays an important part in Rotary life, including social or sporting events with other clubs in the area.
Some of our club Social Activities:-

    * Theatre trips
    * Progressive suppers
    * Quiz nights
    * Golf, Skiing, Darts, Sailing
    * Partners' evenings
    * St George's and Burns nights
    * Twinning with a Bavarian Rotary Club
    * Factory visits
    * Jazz evenings
    * Group walks and cycling-events
    * Weekend Trips

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