Newent Summer Team/ Newent Interact Meeting Wed 26th March 2014

Please find here notes from Past President Brian on discussion which took place at our Interact Club Meeting held on the 26th of March.

New Generation
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Interact meeting

Wednesday 26th March 2014




Fund raising


They did Cake Sales in the run up to Christmas and will be doing cards for Easter.




They will be donating equipment to the medical unit when the next working group goes in 2015.



Students are currently giving reading support to pupils at Picklenash School. Incoming President Helen suggested donating books and looking at ways of enhancing the Reading Area.



President Polly will be encouraging students to apply for the next course in July 2014.



Polly will be leaving at the end of this school year and Vice President Helen Barker will be President next year. The official Handover will be at a Sixth Form assembly early in September.


Ashley Mortimer will continue as Staff Rep for Interact.


Meetings will be on Tuesdays at 1.00 pm.



Brian Robbins


Note to Rotarians:

I would like other Rotarians to have the opportunity to attend meetings as it will help both clubs if the Interactors see us as supporters and partners rather than distant onlookers.

The approaching exam season will affect the pattern of meetings but when I have definite dates I will set up a rota. This should certainly be possible from September.

Meetings last for half an hour and it could be an occasional rather than a regular commitment depending on what time you have.