Foundation 2020

The Rotary Foundation is Rotary International's very own charity and the club have asked individual members to donate as they wish, rather than the club include it in our subs. This has resulted in our regularly reaching the top 3 of annual giving by the club across the District. Most of our members have therefore become sustaining members, which means we give at least £82 or the equivalent of $100 per annum.

The Foundation operates on a 3 year cycle, meaning that collection in year 1 goes into the international account, year 2 , it is allocated and year 3, it is distributed to either of the main areas of focus which operate under a Cultural, Humanitarian or Educational banner. This allows for the administration costs to be covered from the interest so that every £. donated goes to the chosen good cause.

Furthermore, as most of us qualify we can ensure the Gift Aid also goes into the account.

So successful has the Foundation been since it began in 1917 that the Gates Foundation in the USA have matched funding with us in order to combat Polio to the extent of a 2 for 1 donation, raising millions to our campaign of "End Polio Now".

We hold regular fundraising events to enhance our giving to the R.F. and other charities, the most significant among them being the annual Christmas Tree Festival, at St. Peter Mancroft Church in the centre of Norwich. The club adopts 2 local charities to be the main recipients of the proceeds from business participants and the bucket collections, taken during the week-long celebration (See photo).

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Mark Little with a group of those who we rescued.


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