Club Weekly Meeting - Steve Taylor - Treasure beneath our feet.

Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 at 12:00 am - 12:00 am

Friend: John Cresswell

VOT: Richard Sugdon

Treasure Beneath our Feet

Steve Taylor is a landscape gardener who comes from Cheltenham and works primarily in Gloucestershire.  His hobby is metal detecting, which he became interested in some 30 years ago.  His main interest is finding ancient buried artefacts.  This involves detailed research into old maps, getting local information from farmers and developers, and even interpreting the shading in satellite photographs of fields which may reveal foundation outlines of former settlements.  After identifying the sites the painstaking hard work of scanning the ground and digging down begin.  However, most items are fortunately found near to the surface.


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Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Leader of the County Council - Mark Hawthorne

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Martin Odell handing over to Roger Barrett

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Nick Rowles joins the 70+ Club!

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Paul Harris for Steve Markham

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Webmaster gets his Tankard!

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Business Meeting 5

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No Evening Meeting - A.M. Nightingale watch!

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Jenny Eastwood, Gloucester Citizen Editor

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Peter Burton's 70th Mug Presentation

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The Longest table!

Weekly Meeting - Thai Banquet (Thai Emerald Cheltenham)

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Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Business Meeting 4

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Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Martin Surl (Police Commissioner)

more Friend - Geoff Cooper VOT - Peter Burton

Weekly Meeting (Outside Visit) - Roberts-Limbrick

more VOT - Jeff Dawson Note: meet at Roberts Limbrick at 19:30, when there will be a buffet. APOLOGIES TO MIKE BY SUNDAY EVENING LATEST!

Club Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Steve Upshall Vocational

more Friend - Colin Harvey VOT - Mike Frost

John gets his tankard from President Martin!

John achieves his Tankard!

more John Jameson achieves his tankard for 70 not out!

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Mark Blake (Trichology) 08 Jan 14

more Friend - Chris Gabb VOT - Peter Harris

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Special General Meeting & Business Meeting.

more Special General Meeting (To decide the officers of the Club). Includes 3rd Business meeting. RYLA Ross Lloyd (Friend Dave Threlfall)

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark)-Phil Witcomb Vocational

more Friend: John Barnes VOT: Colin Harvey

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Roger Jones (Film Maker and Artist)

more Friend - Michael Holyoake V.O.T - Chris Lutton

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Group Captain Dr Richard Castle (Stress Management and Resilience in the Military context)

more Friend - John Jameson V.O.T - Ron Jones

Hallmark - Speaker Pete Bradshaw (Gloucester Wildlife) Badgers & TB

more Friend - Roger Atkinson VOT - Chris Brent Smith

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Phil Vickery

more Friend - David Kelly V.O.T. - Simon Hewer A chance to hear the celebrity Rugby Star and Chef! The ladies are invited.

President Martin congratulates Simon.

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Simon Ray (Channel Swimmer)

more Friend - Steve Markham V.O.T. - Nick Radcliffe

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Professor Gareth Williams (Angel of Death)

more Friend - Mike Till V.O.T. - John Markwell

Ian Beer

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Ian Beer (Origins of Professional Rugby)

more Friend - Neil Normington V.O.T. - Trevor Martin

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) Business Meeting 2

more Martin's 2nd Business Meeting Vocational by Harry Phillips

Weekly Meeting - Outside Visit to the Soldiers of Goucestershire Museum

more Soldiers of Gloucester Museum Visit V.O.T. - John Roderick Followed by a meal at Blossoms Chinese Restaurant.

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Dick Sheppard (Stunt Artist & Author)

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Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - John Buckley (Newent Rotary and Kenya Project)

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Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Elizabeth Miles (U3A)

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Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Chris Gabb (Barnwood Construction)

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Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Jan Harris (District Governor visit)

more Friend: Martin Odell VOT: Martin Odell

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Bill Francis (Wildlife and Wetlands Trust)

more Friend: Roger Hart VOT: Dave Threlfall

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - Jane Furze (Literary Festival)

more Friend: Gordon Wilde VOT: Clive Townsend

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - David Baker (Walls Ice Cream)

more Friend: Andy Wilson VOT: Steve Upshall

Weekly Meeting (Hallmark) - William Richardson (Rotary Scholar)

more Friend: John Cresswell VOT: Dave Wrigley One of our Rotary Scholars talk about his experiences.

19:30 -20:00 Weekly Meeting - Club Handover

more The passing of one presidential year to the next!

Weekly Meeting - Marcus Whawell (Scams and how to avoid them!)

more Friend: Adrian Smith VOT: Derek Thomas

Theatre Trip - Dial 'M' for Murder

more At the Everyman Theatre. Stall seats E, F, and G for £23

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