The President of Ripon Rotary Club 2014 - 2015

The Club Presidents Half Yearly update January 2015

At Club Assembly in June I said that Rotary for me is about Friendship, Enjoyment and Service. (See further down this page).

Visitors and New members continue to remark on the friendliness of our Club and we have had some outstanding opportunities for Enjoyment, often with the Ladies of Inner Wheel. The Yorkshire Day Lunch, The Charter Dinner, the Inner Wheel overseas afternoon, the WW1 Commemoration Dinner, the Christmas Dinner. All these have enhanced our fellowship and some have also raised money.

  • I set out 5 Hopes for the year. As in September I have assessed progress by considering where I would have hoped to be at this stage in the year.
  • We are still investigating satellite groups, but that has been rather subsumed in the next item.
  • A talk on the District Visioning offer is scheduled for 20th Jan so watch this space! 8/10.
  • Use of electronic communication. The Presidents Monthly letter has grown in content and presentation and a piece on the Gambia Project appeared on the new district eNewsletter. 8/10.
  • Water Supply for Health Clinic in The Gambia. We have raised the money, obtained the District grant, commissioned the work which has now been completed and paid for. 10/10.         
         Rodney Wilson
          January 2015


The Club Presidents Quarterly Update - September 2014

With a quarter of the Rotary year gone a review of my hopes for the year seems appropriate. I have assessed progress by considering where I would have hoped to be at this stage in the year.

    We continue to serve the community, by marshalling for community events, supporting other organisations, and are organising a visit to Fountains Abbey by Floodlight for Senior Citizens from Care homes, in early November. Care for sick or elderly members is an important part of this. As good as last year but not yet better!! Progress 5/10!!

    We have inducted one new member and have two more in the pipeline. Progress 8/10

    Investigations into a possible satellite club are on-going. Progress 6/10

    A talk on Club Visioning has been approved by Club Council and will take place in January. Progress 8/10

    Our web master gave a talk to the Club about use of the website, and is working hard to keep it up to date. I have instituted a monthly President's letter to replace the former paper bulletin. All but two of the Club are on email; copies for the two are hand delivered. Committee Chairs are entering their own updates on these pages. We have yet to get involved in the new District eNewsletter. Progress 7/10

    Through a Yorkshire Day lunch and a sponsored walk, Rotary and Inner Wheel have raised the money necessary to go with the now approved District Grant for the project to provide a water supply for the Fass Village Health Clinic in the Gambia. The organisers of the partner charity are to visit Ripon in mid-October and we will be able to give the go ahead for the project. Progress 9/10

           Rodney Wilson
            September 2014


President Elects Report for Assembly 10 June 2014

Rotary for me is about Friendship, Enjoyment and Service.

Councils task is to create opportunities for all our members to do just that. To misquote John F. Kennedy: Ask not what Rotary can do for you, ask rather what you can do for Rotary, and, even more important, what you can do for others through Rotary.

I want us to deliver a programme through which every member, no matter their age or state of health can feel involved and find opportunities for friendship, enjoyment and service.

I want us to be concerned about what we can do, not what we cannot!

RI President Gary Huangs slogan for the coming year is Light up Rotary, and District Governor Rod Walmsley wants that to read Lighten up Rotary! I want to say Lets use Rotary to Light up other peoples lives, young and old, in Ripon and beyond.

Lets not lose our traditions, but lets not get hidebound by them

Among my hopes are:

More members finding more opportunities to serve others

A continuing concern to at least maintain membership with a serious look at lady members (or what Rotary GB&I President Nan McCreadie at the National Conference called Rotarians of a different shape!)

the possibility of a satellite group meeting at a different time

creating a mechanism for continuity in forward planning and considering a review of our work under the Visioning programme

Increasing member communication electronically now that we have no paper bulletin

Finally, to make use of some of the money we have already given to Foundation by seeking a District Grant to support a water supply project for a Village Health Clinic in the Gambia. I will ask the club to fundraise for the rest of this money (some 800) and will also seek to support Carers Resource financially

Rodney Wilson

June 2014

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