Friends of Rotary

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Forging Links with Rotary 

(less commitment, but still rewarding)


On Tuesday evening ,1st of October, Kibworth and Fleckney Rotary Club launched a “Friends of Rotary Group”.  14 guests attended a presentation at Kibworth Golf Club.

Rotary is a worldwide organisation, which has been around for over a hundred years, having a membership framework which connects over 160 countries. A like minded membership of over 1.2 million provides support and service to communities in so many ways.

Traditionally members of Rotary have met most weeks of the year and, understandably, this has proved too much for many with business or family commitments.  There are a number of you in our community, who would like to be involved but who in effect have been excluded until now from Rotary.

“Friends of Rotary Group” (FORG) offers you a chance to be involved without the same time commitment as full membership, but can lead to full membership later on if you wish. We suggest that you attend a minimum of four meetings a year to hear what we do and this will give you an opportunity to help us in our fundraising or community service projects.

Perhaps in the past Rotary has had the image of being made up ofstuffy old business men’ who meet just to further their own interests, but Rotary is changing and modernising. In the past it was men only, but now women are joining as they can see the opportunities Rotary provides.  We feel that the unique national and international framework that exists in Rotary can be occupied by caring men and women who can make a real difference locally and in some cases globally.  We also have a lot of FUN!

If you want a taste of what we do please do come to one of our Tuesday evening meetings.

For further information contact:

Graham Thompson or 01162593783