.Gateway Sports at Brockenhurst College

Sat 4th October 2014 at 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

The annual event which attracts teams from a wide area.

Photos by Ray Dawes,  Report by the organiser John Thomson:-

Saturday 4 October 2014 saw the 20th annual Gateway Games hosted by the
Brockenhurst Gateway Club at Brockenhurst College.   Eighty Gateway
members from a wide area arranged in ten teams participated in various
group games throughout the day, at the end of which Philip Dinn, our
Junior Vice President, presented the Champions' Shield to the overall winners Eastleigh
Multisports team.   Our Rotary Cup for the team that demonstrated the best team spirit on the day spirit went to
the Andover C team.

The enjoyment of the Gateway members was a noise to behold, and thanks
goes to the eighteen Rotary members, wives and grandchildren for their
assistance - the Rose & Crown was pleased in that we also added to their
lunch time profits!   It is important to note that the event, and the
enjoyment of the Gateway members, depends very much on the financial and
physical help from our Club - long may it continue.

This year we were particularly indebted to Richard and Carole Blaylock's
grandchildren - Fay,  and Oscar as our unsubstituted goalkeeper - oh! to
be young again .........

John Thomson


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