Thu 28th August 2014 at 12.00 am - Thu 11th June 2015 - 2.00 pm

ROSE ROAD SENSORY GARDEN. At the official opening the sun and the garden looked very serene. A great conclusion to a joint venture..


 The Rose Road Association works with children, young people and their families from across Hampshire and the surrounding counties . The children who attend the Bradbury Centre of Rose Road have multiple and complex health needs but Rose Road believe in valuing individuals, celebrating achievement and respecting choices of young people with disabilities."

Update on our involvement by Philip Dinn, New Forest Foundaton Chairman.

"Way back in the summer 2013 Robin as our  President nominated Rose Road as one of his recipient charities.   A joint visit with Philip, as the Foundation Chairman, identified a possible Foundation district grant project. This was to replace the existing dangerous trampoline and tidy up the outdoor play area. This District Grant was later approved.  At the same time Rose Road were discussing with Mott MacDonald, a local company, on using their expertise to carry out a major transformation of the hard standing to a sensory garden.  So the project expanded and after several months of planning and design input from Mott Macdonald the work is underway. 

Starting with the purchase of the new trampoline; which has already become a firm favourite with the children.  Now the latest development (August 2014) is the preparation and painting of the fences being undertaken by club members. 

As soon as that is completed the ground work will start with professionally designed pathways to give maximum sensory enjoyment, followed by the planting of the specially selected plants.  At this point club members will again be in action as the Foundation grant funding includes the purchase of planters and plants.  The planting will be carried out by club members hopefully under the helpful eye of a major local horticulturalist. 

The end result will be a safe and enjoyable sensory garden where children with multiple disabilities will be able to explore and develop their senses of sight, smell, touch and the relationships between them.

For The Rotary Club of the New forest this will be a new chapter in the continuing close relationship that we have had with this organisation since its start." August 2014. 

The photos above show Philip Dinn, Mike Clarke, John Crocombe. Nigel Calvert and Robin Long hard at work preparing and painting the fence around the garden. Photos by Philip Dinn and John Crocombe.

Update by Philip as the painting of the fence was completed on 3 September 2014

"Preparation and painting continued into a second week on the 2nd and 3rd September, with additional help from Nicola Antoni and Arthur Page, replacing Philip Dinn and Mike Clarke.  Tha's a total of 7 club members being actively involved.

So the deadline was met with all panels resplendent with 2 coats of paint.   Over to Mott MacDonald for the next phase of ground works.

Our members will once again be actively involved in painting and planting later in the year for the completion of this Foundation District Grant supported project."

Update by Philip after the painting of the fence was completed. 18 September 2014

"Following our successful painting of the fences the ground works have begun.  Oliver May and Katherine Jackson from Mott MacDonald cut the first turf watched by  Tiffany and Neil from Rose Road and a very happy group of kids.

Then a digger moved in for the the serious removal of the old grass area .  carefully avoiding the nice newly painted fences! So far all of the grass has been removed, and the earth turned over in preparation for the new turf.

The trampoline has been dug down and the river path has been marked out and is being dug ready for laying.  The old paving is being replaced in the next few days.

Update by Philip in early October 2014.

"Fiona Dinn gave Ruby the Rhino a fresh coat of varnish. Andy MacIndoe, Managing Director of Hillier Nurseries and Garden Centres personally delivered  from Hillier Nursery and planted some of the new trees and shrubs.  The ground works has been further delayed by bad weather."

LATER IN THE MONTH  "When the raines stopped, on 14 October, the first turves were laid"