The supermarket collections this year between 12 and 23 December were a grand effort. A final report by Tony Roe is below and shows an increased total. 
Tony thanks Fred for a great effort (he is still coughing a bit from the effects of inhaling so much cotton wool from that beard). Without any doubt Fred, the joint organiser, put in the most time and effort on the collecting days. However, we must not forget Tony's main contribution.  He not only liaised with the supermarkets and filled in actual slots collecting but put in a lot of time and effort getting the rotas filled by willing (usually) volunteers.

The choir made up for any slight deficiencies in our skills were more than made up for by enthusiasm and the shoppers at Asda certainly seemed to enjoy our session there and we certainly enjoyed the meal after at The Forest Inn. Thanks for organizing that Tim and thanks also to Delphine for the superb keyboard playing.

All in all a fun and fruitful run  up to Christmas. 

Report by Tony:-

"Hello,everyone. Firstly,many thanks to all those Rotarians and partners who were able to spare some time to be at Asda, Morrisons and Budgens - 6 days were covered in all!  With declining health and an ageing club it is not easy to cover all slots.Some were able to do extra shifts not least Fred who started and finished each day - 12 shifts in all - very well done to him. We also had two people from The Fortune Centre.

Also, grateful thanks to John and Christine Brown who counted all the cash - a big job done so efficiently.

Now to the figures: total raised