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15 May 2015: More than £22,000 given this year.

Today, our Club decided on a new tranche of donations. As a result, it is now more than £22,000 that have been given to deserving causes since July 2014.

for more details, go to this page!

20 April 2015: Representatives of  Life Education Centre visit our Club.

In October 2014, Our club organised its annual Charity Golf Day at the beautiful Bearwood Lake Golf Club. The main beneficiary of this event was Coram's Life Education Centre, an organisation dedicated to teaching young people life habits in eating well and avoiding usage of alcohol or harmful substances.
We were delighted to host Laurie Cunningham and Ellen Goodwin during our meeting of the 20th April, and to hear from them some of the achievements of this organisation, which visit over 30,000 children in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and adjacent areas. More locally, LEC visit 14 schools and 3,500 children

During this visit, Laurie and Ellen were able to discuss with a new sponsor, who will help LEC financing visits to local schools.
Laurie Cunningham introducing Harold, the LEC giraffe
Ellen Goodwin reporting on LEC achievements.

4 April 2015: Know Your Blood Pressure Day

Under the supervision of our own Doctor Mike Darlison, and in collaboration with the Stroke Asociation, The Rotary Club of Wokingham set a tent in Wokigham's town market this Saturday, allowing Wolkingham shoppers to get a free blood pressure check. over a hundred people took advantage of this opportunity and were attended by medical staff who donated their time to this operation. For some of the visitors, this was the first opportunity in a long time to get this important medical measurement verified. Several members of the public, who showed signs of high blood pressure, were encouraged to get in contact with their surgery, for further assesment and possibly start treatment.

(Illustrated: Rotarian Anne Williams entice shoppers in getting their pressure checked)

15 March 2015: Schools concert at the Hexagon

The hexagon was fully packed, this Sunday, as children from the Wokingham schools came and perform under the wondeful conducting of Clive Waterman. The audience enjoyed 90 minutes of music of a surprisingly high standard!. Through the sale of programmes and bucket collections, our members were able to raise over £1,000 in profits. This money will be distributed to our supported charities.

15 March 2015: Supporting Young Leaders

Our Club will allow two young adults to increase their leadership skills by sending them - free of charge - to a Leadership course, during the summer. For more information click here!

28 February 2015: Rotary GB&I Young Chef District Competition

The Rotary Club of Wokingham hosted the District heat of the Young chef competition, at Sandhurst School. Read more about this by clicking here.

9 February 2015: An impressive ambassadorial scholar

Tonight, we were privileged to have the visit of Joanna Clemens, a German ambassadorial scholar from Cologne. After travelling around the world, from Australia to Brazil, Joanna is papering a Masters in development studies in Oxford. As part of this work, she expects to visit Mozambique, where she will study interactions between localised legal system based on traditional laws and the national legal system.

Joanna speaks many languages (we stopped counting at 5), a skill that will no doubt help her in the international career that she expects to start after her studies.

We wish the best to this Rotary sponsored student, and are confident that the experience that she gathers as part of the ambassadorial program will help her promoting a better world in years to come.

8 February 2015: Providing books to the Philippines

As part of an effort involving Rotary Clubs across the country, our club has sent  1,200 Books to school libraries in the Philippines.

30 January 2015: Swing band evening

Over 100 people came and joined us for a wonderful "Dine and Dance evening", held in the prestigious Flavel Suite of Wokingham. The entertainment was provided by a well loved MillStones Dance Band. This fund raising event allowed us to raise about £1,200.

28 January 2015: Over  £15,000 in donations since July.

The Rotary Club of Wokingham has been doing its bit to help people and charities out, in these times of austerity.Over £15,000 have been donated to good causes since July 2014, and it is likely that the total donations for 2014-2015 will top the £22,000 raised and given in 2013-2014.

The two main beneficiaries this year are the Coram Live Education Centres, helping young people create healthy habits, which received £4,000 of the proceeds of our Charity Golf Day, and the Wokingham charity Building for the Future, which  received from our Club over £3400 pounds, mainly raised through the Cantley Park Firework Display, last November. Building for the Future aims to to raise the profile of disabled children in the Wokingham community, and provides specially adapted facility to disabled young people.

23 January 2015: Great News from WheelPower.

Last year, Our Club provided significant donations to the Wheelchair charity. This allowed the acquisition of a sport wheelchair for a schoolgirl called Amber. This has helped her deal with her disability. Click on the picture on the right for more information.

We make a difference...

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December 2014: Collecting for Wokingham's families in need.

It has now become a tradition that our members face the weather roughness and collect money to provide assistance to some Wokingham families in need. This year saw collections taking place in front of the Town's Tesco, Morrison and Waitrose, as well as at the Station. The Rotary Club of Wokingham thanks the town citizens, who have showed their generosity by dropping more than £3,000 in our collection buckets. We also thank the shop managers and Network Rail for allowing our members to collect in front of their premises.

In collaboration with Transform Housing and Support, this allowed to provide Christmas Vouchers to 55 deserving Wokingham families.

December 2014: Wokingham Living Advent Calendar.

The Rotary Club of Wokingham supported Wokingham's Live Advent Calendar, providing staff to instal, man and remove  sound systems and lights before and after the daily performances, and stewards to handle the enthusiastic crowd.

13 November 2014: Young Chef Competition.

The local round of the Rotary GB&I Young Chef competition took place at the Sandhurst School. Lauren Edmunds won the competition and receive prices from our president Jon Bundock. More details here!

8/9 November 2014: Wokingham Fireworks Night.

Several charities decided to join forces to help organising this popular event, in 2014. The Windsor forest Unicorn Club (which has historically been the event promoter), the Thames Valley West Unicorn Club, the Wokingham Lions Club, the Easthampstead Rotary Club and the Wokingham Rotary Club worked together to prepare the event, sell Tickets and ensure as smooth as possible run on the night.  Treacherous weather conditions experienced in the Wokingham area on Saturday 8 November resulted in the Firework display being postponed to the Sunday. This did not phase out the public coming from Wokingham and further afield, and thousands of viewers gathered in Cantley park to enjoy the extravaganza.

£23,000 were raised as a a result. Most of this money was donated to  Air Ambulance, Future, The Red Diamond Sports Club, the Reading, Wokingham and districts MS Society and the Topic of Cancer Charities. Several other organisations also receiving some contributions.

22 October 2014: Charity Golf Day raises about £7,500.

Under the attentive direction of Past President David Gold, our club organised a wonderful day event where keen golfers were able to enjoy their game in excellent weather conditions, on the beautiful links  of Bearwood Lakes. They were entertained during their evening meal by compaire Aaron James. £7,500 were raised for charity. More information here!