Smile Fund

PURPOSE OF THE SMILE FUND To make available limited financial assistance towards the purchase of goods or services to a resident of the area in financial need and which will provide an improvement in their daily living conditions and quality of life.

If you live in the Eccleshall area and your everyday living conditions or quality of life need to be improved by something that you cannot afford, we may be able to help. The Smile Fund has been created to provide small financial grants from its limited funds. The Fund is administered by the Rotary Club of Eccleshall Mercia.

To make an application or discuss how this can be done please contact the Secretary direct or through the CONTACT US tab on this website.

The Smile Fund is dedicated to the memory of Stuart Kennedy of Bishops Offley who passed away in October 2011. Stuart, a founder member of the Rotary Club of Eccleshall Mercia and Honorary Secretary for all too short a time, was much admired and respected by the members and community for his skills and personality. Stuart was always able to put forward well conceived ideas in a clear and concise way and was keen to drive forward this new and innovative club, particularly in support of local charities. Through this fund we will aim to encourage a smile like Stuarts in those who give and who receive and hope that his positivity and belief that everyone should achieve their individual goals and reach contentment.

Application may be made by any person who is permanently resident in the area aged 18 or over, or on behalf of a minor, aged under 18, permanently resident in the area or by an agency acting on their behalf. The residential qualifying area is that part of Stafford Borough covered by the activities of the Rotary Club of Eccleshall Mercia (the Club) which includes Swynnerton, Tittensor, Yarnfield, Eccleshall, Woodseaves and Gnosall together with their surrounding rural areas but does not include any area covered by the activities of another Rotary club.
The applicant must demonstrate financial need to the Clubs satisfaction.

A grant will normally only be made up to 300 inclusive of any VAT liability. The grant must be for the purchase of
goods or services which will improve the daily living conditions and quality of life of the applicant.
The Club will make the payment directly to the supplier.

Application should be made in writing to the Club via the Secretary or other nominated member. The Club does not have an application form but the written request should include:-

  • The name and permanent residential address of the applicant.
  • A description of the goods or services to be purchased, preferably supported by a written estimate or other evidence of cost including, for example, reference to a product description and the suggested place of purchase.
  • If the requested grant is part of a more costly purchase, the sources of other contributions should be clearly stated.

The Clubs representatives will want to meet the applicant to discuss their application.

The Club:-

  • reserves the right to make any enquiries which it deems appropriate as part of itsconsideration of an application.
  • will not enter into any discussion nor provide any explanation for its decision on an application.
  • will not be liable in any way for the applicants choice of contractor or item of purchase nor for any subsequent maintenance or repair.
  • reserves the right to ensure value for money by making a grant subject to conditions including the source of purchase.

The Club guarantees that the details of any applicant will remain entirely confidential.
It will from time to time include in its published material a reference to the grants it has made.
The Club will make any grant from money acquired by its fund raising activities for local charitable purposes.

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