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There are 2 weekly Cycling Groups

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Since it's first Rotary Cycle ride on 20th of October 2002, our cycling group has cycled 7381 miles and climbed a total of about 161 kms with an average of 3 or 4 riders on each ride. Most of the riders have been Rotarians (and sometimes their partners) but not all.

The overall experience has been very enjoyable with holiday rides in 5 foreign countries (Austria, France, Holland and Spain) and other rides in about 8 English counties. We have raised about £10,000 in sponsorship, mostly for The Princes Centre but also lesser sums for charities such as Iain Rennie Hospice, Wheelpower and Wycombe Scan Appeal.

During our total of 7381 miles we have suffered only two minor accidents ( neither of them involving a vehicle) but quite a collection of punctures.

Cycling is such an enjoyable, peaceful but exhilarating, healthy but sometrimes tiring activity that we would encourage other members and friends to join us.

There are two cycling groups on a Wednesday morning.

Members of the group recently cycled from London to Paris on the Avenue Verte. Click here for details.