International Activities/ 2015 Carol's visit to Hope Village, Kerala.

In March 2015, Carol and Brian Cross visited the home that we have supported in the past. They sent this note and photographs from there.

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I have just spent a half day at Hope Community Village in Kerala, India and have to tell you all what an amazing place it is. The staff were full of praise for Richard and Eric and were so glad that we had been able to sponsor the refurbishment of their reception classroom. They have just received a new cow and calf, the milk from which feeds the whole village. Milk from their other cows is sold to a government stockist, proceeds from which pay for a stockman-cum-gardener, and has enabled them to build a cow shed. All the children wore school uniform, looked extremely clean and happy and practised a traditional dance for us.
Once again it's a truly wonderful International project and it's obvious that any money received from abroad is well spent, with receipts to prove it.
Best wishes to all. 
Carol x