Community Projects

Every Rotary Club and every Rotarian assumes a responsibility to find ways to improve the quality of life for those in their communities.

Hemel Rotarians believe in the ethos of "Service above Self" and endeavour to assist the community whenever we can.

Friendship Cafe - monthly tea/coffee and cake to combat loneliness. (awaiting renewal)

Phoenix Club - monthly club for the visually impared, (awaiting renewal)

Ukraine Refugees - this year we donated £1000, via Community Action Dacorum, to support ESL (English as a Second Language) for Ukrainian Refugees domiciled locally.  

Community Transport - In 2019 we added our sponsorship to a community minibus which can still be seen driving around Dacorum.  

Community Minibus - when one of the community minibuses was stolen in 2023 and set on fire we donated £1000.00 towards the fund to replace.   

In addition to the monies raised from our Quiz Night we donated a further £750.00 to Dacorum Community Trust (DCT) who support the community.

We also support other charities and organsations with their fundraising and providing manpower at their events.

Community Projects sub-pages:

Friendship Cafe

more Monthly Friendship Cafe

Phoenix Club

more Monthly Club for the visually impaired,

Helping other Charities and Organisations

more We support other charities and organisations with volunteers when they need extra resources.

Planting trees in Galley Hill November 2019

Tree Planting

more Tree Planting to help the environment

Litter Picking

more Liter picking to clean up the environment

Community Transport

more Sponsorship of a Community Minibus.


more A number of Rotarian could be seen volunteering at the Vaccination Centers.