Youth Projects

Youth Service recognises the importance of empowering youth and young professionals through development of leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Our Rotary Club, like many, comprises Members whose ages are above 50.  

Yet we, as a Club, recognise that the future will be in the hands of those who are young students still at school. 

For that reason we have devoted much of our energy in activities that do something to enrich the young.  Examples are: a Technology Tournament that tests the construction ingenuity of young teams; a Youth Speaks challenge which draws attention to public-speaking and debating skills of young students; a Young Essay competition challenges students in Year 6 to write a persuasive, well-structured essay on a selected topic; Young Chef looks at the culinary skills of students in Year 10; while Young Artist looks for those in Year 4 & 5 who can begin to show the artistic flair that singled out the Hockneys, Emins, Hamblings, Monets and Morissots of the past; Young Photographer is open to those between the age of 7 - 17, with three age ranges.       

Add to that our support for Kids Out, where we support a day out at Whipsmade for disadvantaged students; or our Interact Club at a local school where we foster the Rotary ideals among those still studying and our RYLA (Rotary Young Leadership Award) activity weekend developing leadership and teamworking skills.

Youth Projects sub-pages:

2022 Task

Technology Tournament 2023

more The Tournament provides an opportunity for students interested in Engineering and Science to use team-building skills to solve a design a technology task.

Youth speaks

Youth Speaks

more Youth Speaks is a competition promoted by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland. It is a four stage competition designed to support and encourage development of effective communication skills.

Schools that participated

Young Essay

more A competition for year 6 primary school children to complete an essay on a given subject.

Kids Out!

more Every June Rotarians pay for children and their helpers from a local special needs school to be driven to Whipsnade Wildlife Park for a day of fun.

Winner 2022

Young Artist Competition

more The children have the chance to express their ideas through any artistic medium other than photography, to interpret a given theme, to use their artistic skill, imagination and creativity.

Winner 2022

Young Photographer

more You do not need a clever camera to enter - mobile phones and tablets will work successfully too. Rotary have won this popular competition for many years and it's a lot of fun.

RYLA candidate

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)

more A leadership programme co-ordinated by Rotary Clubs around the globe.

Summer Fete Ashley Cooper School


more Interact is a club for young people ages 12-18 who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about. You can: Carry out hands-on service projects Make international connections Develop leadership