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The Yellowmen of Kadongdong are local Rotarians and their friends from the Hastings and Rother area who work in Northern Kenya to build or refurbish clinics and shools. They also help to develop the medical and educational servces in the area. 

The group visits the Pokot region of Kenya twice a year. They are known as the Yellowmen because of the yellow Senlac Rotary club t-shirts that they wear.

Their presence in Pokot that is welcomed by the local government, by the local doctors, local school heads and by the local church leaders who oversee the rudimentary social welfare service that exist. During the coming years the main teams of education, medicine and construction will continue their work.

The Yellowmen will go anywhere and do almost anything to raise funds for the project.

They need your help and support. If you would like to find out more or make a donation, please visit the Yellowmen website by clicking here 

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