Weekly Meetings

The weekly meetings provide the regular heartbeat of the Rotary Club.

We meet every Thursday and the evening looks like this:

7.15pm Start drifting in and enjoying a drink/chat in the bar. Don't worry about being late, some commute from the city and often drift in during the course of dinner!
7.45pm Sit down for a two course meal. Alternate weeks we either have a starter or main course.
9.00pm (ish) After dinner speaker  
10.00pm (ish) Drift away to home.  

The programme of speakers can be found on the Programme page.

Every fourth Thursday in a month is a business meeting

A Business meeting still involves a meal, but instead of a speaker the various committees provide an update on their activities.

Where there are five Thursdays in a month that meeting is a special one held with partners.

Weekly Meetings sub-pages:

For Speakers

more A few notes so that you know what to expect.