Selection of graces for use as occasion arises

Lord Bless all Rotarians gathered here,
Our fellowship with thee held dear,
Grant that our meal and meeting may be
Blest, With thee our ever unseen guest.

For food - friends and fellowship
O Lord we praise thy name.
Lord Bless us with this food you give,
And help each one of us to live,
So that our blessings and this food
May do our souls and body good.

For the food that we eat and for those
Who prepare it - For health to enjoy it,
And good friends to share it
Dear Lord. We thank thee.

We come together with grateful hearts,
For all good things thy love imparts,
So may your love our hearts inspire,
That service before self be our desire.

As we live by thy providence,
May we live by thy praise,
And learn to serve Rotary
All of our days.

May this food strengthen our bodies,
And thy spirit refresh our souls.

Thank you for the flowers so sweet,
Thank you for the food we eat,
Thank you for the birds that sing,
Thank you God for everything.

For food for fellowship and
The opportunity to serve others
Which this Club gives,
We thank thee O Lord

O Lord and Giver of all good,
We thank thee for our daily food,
May Rotary friends and Rotary Ways,
Help us to serve thee all our days.

As we praise before we eat,
Think of friends we cannot greet
And spare a thought for those in need
And thank God for our daily feed.

For all thy good gifts
By which our lives are enriched
O God we offer thee grateful hearts.

O Lord and giver of all good food
We thank thee for this Brotherhood
May Rotary friends and Rotary ways
Help us serve thee all our days.

For food and drink and happy days,
Accept our gratitude and praise,
In serving others Lord we do
Express our thankfulness to you.

O Lord and giver of all good,
We thank thee for this brotherhood
May we be more blest than we deserve,
Live less for self and more to serve.

We give thanks for the food before us,
Those beside us,
The reason that unites us,
And the friendship that grows between us.

We are grateful for the serenity
to accept the things we cannot change,
the courage to change the things we can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Let us enjoy good food and good drink,
And let us thank all whose efforts have set them before us;
Let us enjoy good companionship,
And let us each one be good company to the others;
Let us enjoy ourselves, without guilt,
But let us not forget that many are less fortunate.

Let us be thankful
…to those who planted the crops, cultivated the fields, and gathered the harvest
…for the plants and animals who have given themselves so that we can enjoy this meal together
…and to those who prepared this meal, those who served it, and those who will clean up afterwards

Let us remember
…those who have no festivity
…those who are alone
…those who cannot share this plenty
…those who are hungry, sick, and cold
…and those whose lives are more affected than our own by injustice, tyranny, war, oppression, and exploitation

In sharing this meal, let us be thankful
…for the good things we have
…for family and friends
…for warm hospitality
…and for good company.

For our friends,
for our families,
for our meal,
we are thankful.

For the meal we are about to eat,
for those that made it possible,
and for those with whom we are about to share it,
we are thankful

Thank you for this food we'll eat,
Thank you for this meet and greet,
Thank you for the hands that hold
the pots and the mixing bowl.

We are grateful for the food before us,
the friends beside us
and the love among us.

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