Mashimoni Primary School

Overview of the work by a number of charities including Rotary Club of Braids, South Edinburgh.

Mashimoni Primary School

Letters of Thanks From Children

It's great that Rotary Club of Braids in Edinburgh sponsors some children at this school and that Past President Ken Logan also personally sponsors two more. It's even more rewarding when we receive letters of thanks and good wishes from those children.

The following are letters written by the children at the end of 2015 and received in the Club this February 2016. They are here to give visitors to this site a further flavour of what we can achieve with a little goodwill.

Letter from Abel at Mashimoni Primasry School

Letter from Abigail at Mashimoni Primary School

Letter from Akoth at Mashimoni Primary School

Letter from Collins at Mashimoni Primary School

Letter from Ruth at Mashimoni Primary School

Heart warming aren't they. Could you help? If so, why not join nthe club - we're a good bunch of people.

Mashimoni Primary School Development

The Mashimoni Primary School is situated in a slum part of Nairobi.

Thanks to support from a number of charities, led by The Balcraig Foundation, the area now has a school to be proud of. Rotary Club of Braids is proud to have been able to make its contribution to this project.

Pictures below show the transformation:

Mashimoni Primary School as it is now.

Mashimoni Primary School (above)

Classroom at Mashimoni Primary School

Classroom at Mashimoni

Landscaping the grounds at Mashimoni

Landscaping the grounds at Mashimoni.

You can now see a fuller picture of the achievement at Mashimoni by clicking here to get a 360 degree view of the school. 

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