International/ Could You Build A School?

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That’s exactly what Hadfield couple, Margaret and Geoffrey Trimby, did. As Buxton Rotarians heard, the Trimbys, while on holiday in Kenya in 2001, visited a poor village school: a hot, airless, dirty shed, with 35 children sitting on the earth floor, no electricity, water or sanitation. Their teacher had an old blackboard and bits of chalk. The Trimbys immediately bought exercise books, pencils and more chalk. They returned home intending to replace the shed with a proper school and set about fundraising. Today, with over £60,000 raised and spent, the Neema School in Kikambala has electricity, water, sanitation, five classrooms, five teachers and 200 primary school children receiving free education. The Trimbys raised most of the money from family and friends, establishing the Neema School Kenya Trust charity in 2007. However, they continue to fundraise to pay the teachers, provide the children with meals and uniforms, and maintain and expand the school: £3/month gives a child a daily meal; £100/month pays a teacher. More information is at if you would like to help.

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