Community & Vocational/ Blackhills Court

Well we did say we had to "Clean for the Queen"

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Never with nothing to do!

A passing conversation and off we headed to Blackhills Court in Westhill to tackle their patio area.

Summer is coming so we had to have a sparkling patio area for the new patio sets for the residents to relax outside and enjoy the sun....yes there was sunshine today!

Les, Chris and John A set to with the power washer, brush and spade . 3 hours later and we're more ways than one!

Problems at first getting a water supply but made good use of the time having a coffee, coke and a "rowie"....bliss!....but not good for the figure -

Patio well and truely scrubbed up....John's a dab hand with the power washer ( but don't tell Freda as it's not that different from how you use a hoover). Les made good use of the brush....good practice for curling...pity he doesn't play. Chris was in charge of drainage of the water and the clearing of the flower bed of weeds to let the water run off....who said he'd retired.

An enjoyable time for a well deserved nap!