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Vocational and Youth Service.

What does the Vocational and Youth Committee do at The Rotary Club of Liverpool South?

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Vocation and Youth Committee:

The Rotary Club of Liverpool South has a combined Vocation and Youth Committee.  The Chairperson is a member of club council and reports directly to council. The chairperson in Rotary Year 2019-2020 is Rotarian Phil Daniels.


This committee exists to encourage and foster high ethical standards in the work place and to value all occupations. We encourage all to use professional skills to serve the community and inspire others to behave in a morally sound manner through words and actions.

We value and promote young people.

We are involved in Community and International service projects.

During the year Vocation month, October is marked and the following competitions are organised throughout the year:

Young Photographer

Young Writer

Public Speaker  

Citizen of the Year

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