James Herriot Run Report 2016

There was an excellent turnout for this year's James Herriot Country Trail Run with 296 entered and 257 actually running.

James Wight (James Herriot's son) who usually starts the race, was unavailable this year, so Tom Orde-Powlett, eldest son of Lord Bolton, kindly agreed to do so. Tom runs Bolton Castle and owns the field we use for car parking. He has been meaning to take part in the race himself one year. So, after starting it, he joined the race himself and finished in the top half of the field! He later presented the prizes.

For a full list of placings and times, click on Full Results and on Flickr Photos for some really excellent photos taken during the Run by Peter Richardson- many thanks to him. Also thanks to Howard Binks for Photos at Gate 8, David Spashett for photos on Black hill and Jenny Blakeley for the photos at the top of it.


Mens Races

1.Carl Bell  Keswick AC
2.Andrew Grant  Harrogate Harriers
3.Mike Jeffries  Richmond Zetland Harriers

1.Gary Dunn  Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers
2.Michael Fanning  Borrowdale

1.Mark Forrest London Frontrunners
1.Brian Martin  Quakers RC

1.Mike McKenna  Dallam RC
2.Neil Scruton Scarborough AC

Ladies Races

1) Michelle Nolan  RZH
2) Victoria Whitehead Valley Striders
3) Hannah Phillips N/A

1) Carol Morgan  Nidd Valley
2) Penny Browell Elvet Striders
3) Sarah Hacket  N/A

1) Oonagh Bathgate Swaledale Roadrunners
2) Heather Halliday  Bedale & Aiskew

1) Susan Davis  Elvet Striders
2) Anne Middleton Denby Dale

Team Races

Mens 1st 4 men
 London Frontrunners

Ladies 1st 4 Ladies
 Swaledale Roadrunners

Mixed 1st 2 men 1st Lady
Richmond Zetland Harriers

The weather was near perfect except for quite a strong wind from the North-West. This was particularly noticeable on the top ridge and may have been a factor in preventing the winner,Carl Bell, from breaking the record. Despite this, he finished in the fast time of 53min 10secs.

A big thank you to Tom Orde-Powlett for his involvement, and to the team from Swaledale Road Runners, especially Liz Sowter, Helen Inglis and Geoff, who managed the finish and time-keeping in a very professional way, as usual- something we Rotarians could not have done ourselves.

Thank you to all the clubs and individuals who took part. We hope you enjoyed it and want to return! We will have raised around £2,900 for charities and local deserving causes

Next year the race will again be run on the last Sunday of July, 30th July 2017. 

Finally, thank you to our sponsors, The Walking Shop in Leyburn and, through them, CamelBak and Lowe Alpine for providing the prizes for the first three men overall and first three ladies overall. 

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Runners on Black Hill


more Entries are now closed and we are full so there will be NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY. Sorry for any disappointment but as we are limited by parking please don’t arrive on chance. Many thanks for your superb support

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Early leaders reach top of Black Hill


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