One of President Lawrie's Charities for 2015-16

As Lawrie’s principle President's charity, The Rose Road Association benefitted from our club’s funding for two specialised pieces of equipment for their new Sensory Room.

Report by Lawrie:-

The first part of our contribution was for the Musical LED Touchwall [as seen on shots  4 and 5 in this report] and is a great addition to the other sensory toys and equipment being installed in this special room. Sensory play is so important to the young people at Rose Road, as well as being fun, it is also a key learning tool for their more severely disabled young people and also promotes feelings of pleasure and well-being for them.

We also funded a special Waterbed and Vibro Plinth, [seen to the right of the Musical LED Touch Wall] which is used by all the children and is a greatly beneficial piece of equipment for wheelchair users. The bed is fully supportive and the heat of the bed along with the vibro upgrade helps with the children’s circulation while their body is fully supported. After a long day at school, where the mobility equipment used is used to encourage learning, the children are able to relax whilst still being safe and comfortable.

Pictures by Fiona during a visit in June 2016 when staff members Rachael and Charlotte demonstrated the fun that the chikldren will have.