Social Activities/ Rotary Sailing week in Croatia 2016

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Able Seaman Card reports:

I was honoured to be able to attend the annual RCPR Sailing trip with Rtn's Griggs and Tomkins under the overall command of Admiral Patrick Voss

Little did they know what they were letting themselves in for..
It's a short flight to Split then a quick hop by bus to Agana, we boarded our vessels ready for sailing the following day. Each day was accompanied by an introductory session to the route by our hosts - Sunsail. We were sailing in a flotilla of about half a dozen boats with Brits, Germans, Dutch among the various nationalities represented.

The Admiral would (very democratically I thought almost Nelsonian in style) invite someone to be Captain for the day and two others would be on rigging... I got to do a little navigation - I enjoyed that...steering (I think that's what they call it) rigging,even throwing the "bobbly things" (apparently they are called defenders I think) over the side as we docked. All valuable skills.

I learned how to aim for the stern of a ship to ensure you don't collide, who has priority and even which side is Port (left) and which is Starboard (right), as well as a myriad of different knots (my thanks to David, Pat's brother in law for this) and who's turn it is to make the tea (Barry's, it's always Barry's)

Each lunchtime we'd find a glorious little bay to anchor in and shout insults at our sister boat ably Captained by Rtn Griggs. 

Evenings we'd anchor in port and catch up with the other boats in the flotilla and maybe sample some of the local "adult beverages". 

Our weather was glorious all but on a couple of days, we could have had more wind, but just pootling along under a gentle breeze or motor was wonderful to me

It was a glorious introduction to sailing, great company, great scenery, great weather.. I got to be Captain too... without a mutiny!
What more could one ask for?

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