Lend With Care

Nantwich Rotary Club's involvement with Lend With Care

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Lend with Care Updated 18/04/2017 Care International is a leading aid and development charity fighting global poverty. Their mission is to create lasting change in poor communities and they put money where it is needed most. With more than seventy years practical and hands on experience their programme tackles the route causes of poverty. When disaster strikes they are one of the first to respond, ensuring aid gets to where it is most needed.

To date April 30th 2017 the Rotary Club of Nantwich have loaned £2,205 and two members have donated £1500 in total, comprising of 105 loans which has created 351 jobs, helped 1273 entrepreneurs and 4570 family members. To date there has been only 1 default and all loans repaid on time. 
Any monies repaid is re-invested with other entrepreneurs.In March 5 repayments have been made totally £52.36 
Credit Available £21.07
Loans have recently been made to:

 The Luntha Goup in Malawi to restock a general store, which is supporting many families.

 Kuvuna  2 Group in Zambia to develop their local store, where local families are growing produce

 Abahujumugamba Group in Rwanda, which is supporting a farming group and their families

 Tigwirizane Group in Malawi, to develop their market stall to support their families and those growing crops.

Kushinga Group in Zimbabwe, to develop their clothing market stall to support their families.

Celso Gronzalao Velez Contenco Group in Ecuador for animal rearing

Vysoykandal Village, Oda Commune in Cambodia for hire of tractor and village labour supporting many families.

These are just a few of those we have made donations to.

Individuals can also contribute to Lend with Care. More information can be found at <info@lendwithcare.org>

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