MARTIN BRADLEY 'The Birdman' Project in Schools

We sponsored Martin in a very successful project at Abbotswood School and he has since reached out to other schools.

The Rotary Club sponsored Martin Bradley's presentation at a book day at Abbotswood School and he later spoke to our Family and Friends meeting on 1 August 2016. 
For more details and a response from the school see the programme page for that date.or simply click HERE Martin has given similar talks and is contacting other schools.  The documents pictured above outline his objectives and his books. We will now fund the sending of an introduction pack to 14 local schools which will include information on our Rotary Club. If there is an interest, we would then consider funding a presentation by Martin in up to 3 schools.
Above, titled 'In School' are recent photos of Martin doing his stuff and enthralling youngsters with one of his recent presentations. 
"Our club is supporting this initiative in local New Forest Schools from the Founder Presidents Fund. A number have been booked by schools in the coming months. During the presentation and workshop the children are introduced to creative writing, illustrating and learning about endangered species of birds. After this presentation the children will complete a project in school and Martin will return next month to present signed copies of his books to pupils who have performed well.
Martin has a wide collection of "props" which he takes along to show the pupils including the expertly preserved examples of the birds. The presentations are tailored to suit the understanding of the children and the needs of the curriculum. You can see in the photos how engaged the children are, giving them a practical introduction to nature, away from their computers!
After his recent visit, John Morgan Assistant Governor,  was interested to learn of our project and has encouraged us to arrange for Martin to do a presentation at the District Conference in October. We intend to produce an information pack for other clubs in District in the hope they will adopt the ethos of the project and supply Martin's books to their local junior schools.
With the right publicity that the Founder Presidents Fund can obtain, we believe we can promote the work of the New Forest Rotary Club to a much wider audience." 
Ken Ball. March 2017

June 2017.  After a presentation at Marchwood Junior School Martin received the following letter from a delighted parent which showed just one example of the value of the event:"

"Dear Martin

,I got your name from the School’s newsletter, so I hope I have found the correct person!

My son is in Year 4 in Marchwood Junior School, and he said that you had attended and gave a talk on your books. He’s a keen reader and writer, and he’s said for a while that he wants to be an author and illustrator. So he was very excited that an author was going to the school!

He said that he had asked you a question, and you gave him a signed book. I just wanted to say thank you, it made his day! It was a very kind gesture, and he’s even more determined to write now! I hope he does continue writing, as that’s one of the things he’s very passionate about. Seeing real-life authors makes it seem more achievable to him. Thank you for taking the time to speak to him and giving him your work."

Martin Replied:

"Hi ........
Awesome, that’s exactly the main purpose of my books, and thanks to Exxon and the Rotary Club I can help “make a difference”. Marchwood is a terrific school and I hope to visit again in the future. I hope your son engages further in creative writing especially on subjects that interest him(this is key) and I look forward to reading one of his books
Many thanks Martin  

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more The winners in Year 6 receive their certificated and complimentary books from Martin Bradley. July 2017