The CEO of Wessex Heartbeat made a very special surprise presentation and received one himself.

At the Family and Friends Dinner on 7th November John Monroe, the C.E.O. of Wessex Heartbeat was there, presumably to receive a donation fron the Club.When invited to speak he told us about the origins of the charity and spoke of one of their major founder members,  Mrs Cherida Anne Patchett. To commemorate her tremendous efforts an  award is make annually to the person considered to have given the most enthusiastic support. John announced that the recipient was in the room and then surprised everybody by callling forward Tim Richardson, our Vice President, and told of Tim's outstanding personal support particularly over the year.

The pictures show a delighted Tim receiving the award which was presented by Cherida Patchett's daughter, Jane.

To round off this event President Philip presented the planned donation for Wessex Heartbeat  to John.