Planting crocuses to support an end to Polio

Planting Crocuses for End Polio Now

Rotarians and children choosing their planting spots.


Kemble Primary school supports Rotary project to beat Polio

Cirencester Rotary Club recently provided 1000 purple crocus bulbs which were planted by the children in the grounds of Kemble Primary School to further highlight the international effort by Rotary Clubs world-wide to eradicate the crippling disease of polio. This followed a further 4000 which were planted by Rotarians and volunteers a month previously in St Michael’s Park, in Cirencester.

Rotarian Tony Ferris addressed all the children before the planting began to explain about the project and the reason for planting these bulbs. The Ruby Giant ‘purple’ crocus represents the purple marker dye dabbed on children’s little ‘pinkie’ finger to indicate they have been immunised against polio.

Every child in the school then participated in the planting in the school field before returning to class and talking about their activities. Some comments from children included:

  • Emily “It was good that spreading bulbs will help people fight disease.”

  • Isobel “I liked being able to help children in another country.”

  • George “It was also great fun.”

    Rotarian Jeremy Clarke explained, “We are very grateful for the enthusiastic support of the school and in particular the involvement of the children. This is such an important cause. It costs just 20p to protect a child with a life-changing polio vaccine so every effort to highlight Rotary’s work to tackle the issue really does make a difference.”

    Cirencester Rotary Club will be undertaking various events to raise funds for this worthy cause before the crocuses in Kemble and Cirencester flower in Spring.


    The Rotary Club meets on a Wednesday night at the Royal Agricultural University; if you are interested in joining, supporting events or contributing to Purple4Polio funds, full details are available at    

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