Networking & Projects Group

A friendly informal group who want to get involved in hands on projects, guests always welcome.

This group meets on 3rd Thursday of each month between 5.30 and 7pm
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We meet at 5.30pm for networking, the formal part of the meeting starts at 6pm and ends at 7pm.

The group includes individuals, our corporate members and local businesses owners. Members are interested in networking, getting involved in hands on projects and may only be able to commit to a meeting once a month.

We get involved in organising various events and projects which have been suggested by members of the group.  Ideas come from interests they have or may be prompted by wanting to help a specific cause or organisation.   

Some events will be ‘just for fun’, others may raise money for particular causes. Larger projects may involve the broader club membership, others may be one or two individuals working on a project with the group ready to support if needed.  

We work closely with Kenilworth School staff, with members of the Interact Club (“junior” Rotary) being involved in some of our projects.

Going forward, this group is particularly interested in supporting youth projects in the wider community and involving other schools and businesses.

This is an informal, friendly, group, visitors are welcome to just come along and see what we are doing!