International/ Recycling HSL/HSE Lab Coats for Belarus

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Group Photo (left to right): David Cox (Chernobyl Children's Project), Rtn. Edwin Southam, Barbara Cox (Chernobyl Children's Project), Andrew Curran (HSL), Rtn. Bruce Thomson*, Nicola Stacey (HSL).
(Photographs courtesy VPS ©HSL; *HSL Corporate Services Director prior to retirement)

Buxton Rotarians helped Nicola Stacey - a scientist at the UK's prestigious Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) based in Buxton - with recycling 130 old (but very serviceable) laboratory coats that HSL no longer had use for, through removing HSL and Health & Safety Executive (HSE) logos from the coats so they could be sent to Belarus. Nicola and her HSL colleagues did most of the unpicking work, with Rotarians (organised by Edwin) tackling a few of the more difficult logos. Barbara Cox, Buxton & Longnor Co-ordinator for the Chernobyl Children’s Project (UK), was very happy to add the coats to a September 2007 convoy taking a variety of items to help children affected by the Chernobyl reactor explosion, and technicians and doctors in the hospitals around Chernobyl. When more labcoats for recycling become available, Buxton Rotarians will be glad to help Nicola once more. Nicola also helped gather items for the Christmas group of Mums and Toddlers mentioned in Barbara's letter of thanks (see thank you). If you want to help Barbara Cox and her volunteers in the whole range of activities and fund-raising they organise for Chernobyl Children’s Project (UK), she can be contacted by email ( or telephone (01298 83225).


Nicola starts on an HSE logo      Trying them on (No, its not bananas in the boxes!)