Speaker Tom Leech

Tue 13th March 2018 at 19.15 - 22.00

Tom joined the club for a meal and chat, then talked to us about hearing loss

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Club Member Paul Kershaw recently visited his audiologist to test his hearing and was so impressed by Tom Leech and the service he received from Hidden Hearing in Kingston, that he asked him to visit and speak to our club. Now this may not be the usual or most promising route to find a speaker, but in Tom’s case, it turned out to be just the ticket.  Tom gave us a very full insight into the workings of the inner ear, and the issues that can affect its performance. He also demonstrated some of the methods of testing hearing. It sounds like a rather dry subject but in fact there was plenty of laughter and fun and Tom was a great sport. Even so, several members arranged to follow up with further investigation. Maybe we won’t need the microphones and PA system any more soon!

Tom works in Kingston for Hidden Hearing. See www.hiddenhearing.co uk

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