NEWS AND REPORTS/ Rotary Young Writers Award

Eighteen pupils from the P5 class at Dunbar Primary School took part in this year’s Young Writer’s Competition.

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The theme for this year was “Reflections” and judging was carried out by Ruth Gilchrist and Katrina Tweedie of the Dunbar Writers Group.

Ruth commented:  In 3rd place we selected Kirsty Brown for her insightful story about coping with change.
In 2nd place is Lottie Phillips with a very brave, convincing and moving story about dealing with bereavement.
For 1st place we chose Kathryn Anderson. In her story Kathryn uses the prompt in a completely novel way to her peers. she starts her story by introducing the readers to her characters in a way that the reader begins to feel they know them. Kathryn keeps the reader engaged by introducing an element of tension and then mystical intrigue. The story ends with a surprisingly welcome mood-changer; a beautiful reflection of the sunrise in a pool and a heart-warming reunion. We felt this story was well written and well presented.

The club would like to thank Rebecca  Maltby and Eilidh Imrie, the P5 teachers without whose support the competition could not have taken place, and Ruth and Katrina for judging the winners.  Congratulations to all the youngsters who took part.

Kathryn's story is published below.


One day, a girl called Violet was at home with her family - her mum (Isla) and her two sisters (Rose and Erin).  It was a lovely day so they decided to go for a walk with their dog Ruby. Ruby is a chocolate lab and she is 5 years old. She is very kind and friendly. Violet and her friend Niamh love nature, walks in the wood and art. They do art together after school, at school and they want to study art in University.
Violet gave Niamh a call. Violet lived next to the woods, which is handy when you love nature. It is an amazing wood, with lime green leaves and buzzing with wild life. It’s the girl’s favourite walk. The girls were about a quarter of the way through the walk when Ruby ran after a baby deer so Violet’s mum and two sisters ran off after her but Niamh and Violet got distracted by a mother duck and her ducklings so they decided to follow them. Suddenly Niamh realised they were in the middle of nowhere. She tapped Violet on the shoulder. “What?” Violet replied, looking up at her friends face and saw how worried it looked.
 It was now really dark. They were lost, really lost. They walked on a bit more then they found them self in a situation with five paths to choose from. They decided to go on the third path, and then it started to rain. It got heavier and heavier. Soon they were drenched in water, the found a dry place to sit then waited for it to stop raining then set off again it was still really dark. Suddenly Violet got a call she looked to see who was calling, it was her mum. Violets mum was so worried when she turned around to see that the girls weren’t there and her mum still couldn’t find Ruby. It took hours till Niamh could see some light, but not a normal light it was more of a glow a pail green type of glow. She nudged her friend “what’s that!” she said whispering. “Where?” “Beside that ring of trees” replied Niamh and so there was, beside a ring of trees was a pail green glow. “I see it now.” Violet whispered “let’s follow it! “ Niamh suggested “are you sure?” Violet said in a worried voice.
But Niamh was off running after them so Violet followed her but soon they lost them and now they were really lost! They decided to keep on walking it was now starting to become sunrise suddenly they both heard something! There it was again it sounded like barking!! They started to run really fast “it’s a dog “said Niamh
“But you don’t get it its ruby!” cried Violet! Soon they came to a clearing, with a beautiful pond surrounded by tall pine trees. Walking closer, they saw the most beautiful reflection they had ever seen. The pinks, purples and oranges of the sunrise then a sudden splash! Ruby came out of the pond! “Girls!” someone shouted “MUM!!” cried Violet then violets mum appeared. Violet ran up to her mum and gave her the biggest hug ever.
“You girls are so daft the house is just behind these trees!”

Kathryn Anderson