Rotary Conferences

Rotary Conferences are held annually by RI, RIBI and by each District

Each Rotary Club in Great Britain and Ireland belongs to a District.  Twickenham upon Thames Rotary Club is in District 1145 which stretches from Kew in the North to Bournemouth in the south.  District 1145 holds a Conference each Autumn in various spots within the area. The Conference lasts two or three days.

Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland known as Rotary GB&I is a unique Rotary region and holds its own annual Conference in the Spring.  In 2018 this was in Torquay and in 2019 it was held in Nottingham.  The Rotary GB&I Conferences usually last three to four days.

The supreme Conference is the one run by Rotary International for worldwide audiences. In 2019 it is taking place in Hamburg, Germany.

The Conferences for our District and Rotary GB&I all include plenary sessions which are shows in a large hall with many speakers and presentations, led usually by the President or District Governor. Often they include a visit by the RI President to the Rotary GB&I Conference or by the Rotary GB&I President to a District Conference. There is entertainment as well, with dinner dances, musical evenings and plenty of amusing and enlightening speakers.

A highlight of the Conference is always the Showcase. This is usually held in a smaller hall, set up with stalls giving useful access to organisations like Shelterbox, Foundation, regalia retailers, and Charities.  Time is usually set aside to allow participants to spend time in the Showcase.

The Conference is always an enjoyable event, encouraging Rotarians to meet up with other members. It's also great for non-Rotarian partners to get to understand what Rotary is about. And it's just a good opportunity to socialise and have a weekend away.

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Rotary Conferences sub-pages:

District Conference in Bournemouth

more Our District Conference took place in Bournemouth.

RI Vice President Jennifer Jones at the Rotary Showcase in Manchester 2017

RIBI Conference 2017

more The Annual Conference of Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland

RIBI Conference April 2010

more Club memmbers Paul Kershaw, Gordon Peel,Les Rushbury and Mark Scudamore attended the excellent RIBI Conference in June 2010. Seen here with Janice Kershaw and Ann Scudamore. Yvonne Peel took the picture and then went surfing (see other picture)

District Conference Oct 2006