Visits assisted by funding by New Forest Rotary.

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Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you so much for the funding you provided to help us transport all of Year 9 to hospital for their lifelab trip. I have enclosed some quotes and pictures from the trip for you to have a look at (see below). We truly would not have been able to give the students this amazing experience if it weren’t for your generosity.

 Kind Regards

Clair Foreman. Hounsdown School.

During the course of the school year every student in year 9 has had the privilege of taking part in Lifelab. This is a programme run by Southampton University to educate students about Healthy Living. The students have undertaken 5 lessons in school learning about diseases, how family history can affect wellbeing and how scientists carry out research into health. They then had the opportunity to go to a Lab in Southampton General Hospital in which the students carried out tests on themselves to see how healthy they are, extracted their own DNA and learnt how to perform CPR. The students really enjoyed the experience and have benefitted massively from learning about how healthy they are. Here are some quotes from students:

“Lifelab was a really good experience”

“Lifelab was really interesting; I learnt so much from our lessons and he trip there”

“I really liked doing the experiments at Lifelab because it’s not something we would get to do at school”

“Lifelab was so interesting, especially the Maths guy, he was so cool”

“Lifelab was so fun, I loved using all the scientific machines that we don’t have at school”

For an longer explanation of The LifeLab work and objectives see : HERE