President Christine’s Farewell Party

Sun, Jul 2nd 2017 at 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

and Handover to President Elect Tony Hoy

President Christine’s Farewell Speech

Firstly, Thank you all for coming, it’s lovely to see you all

First Lady President WOW!

When I was first asked to take on the role, I thought No! I couldn’t believe I’d been asked!

When I was inducted as a new Rotarian, I was told that I could do as much or as little with Rotary that I found comfortable.

The ROTARY Experience was what it was all about. Thank you John Fishburne for that!

My good friend Sarah was the First Lady Member of the Club and should have been the First Lady President, but Sarah’s circumstances were and are very different from mine.

And that is where Rotary can adapt and be flexible.

This is a lovely Club and it has been an honour to be your President.

I’ve made some dear friends – and I think that I have said before that there is no one here who would not hesitate to offer a hand of help or friendship to anyone in need. And that is a great and valuable thing.

Thank you David F for being a very efficient and effective Secretary. David has been extremely loyal over the past years to this Club – not only as a past President & Secretary for the past three years, but as our Master of the Web! An unenviable task for most of us.

Believe or not I have been a member of this Club for nearly nine years now! 9 YEARS! But to the likes of Charles Miller and Ron Smith I am just a newbie.

I was very proud to be able to present to them on behalf of the Club PHF awards along with an Honorary PHF to Hilary Corry.

Harry Corry and Alan Dobson – were both a huge loss to the club and are remembered with Fondness & love by us all.

As I look back – whilst I may have  struggled somewhat in the beginning – I have actually enjoyed my 12 months as President & learnt  a great deal about myself . This would not have been possible without the fantastic support of Club Members. I’ve had so much advice & support from so many of you, I would however like to single out Tony and Wendy Coxhill – Tony, who was responsible for putting me in this position in the first place!! But it has been comforting to have Wendy’s ear to bend from time to time.

My family – I thank you so much for not only your help today, but throughout the last twelve months. &  of course Martin.

President –Elect Tony Hoy – I now officially handover to you the honour of being President of the Rotary Club of Nantwich 2017-2018

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