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NEWS AND REPORTS/ Youth Night at Dunbar Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Dunbar held its "Youth Night" on Monday19th June

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Five students from the Fifth Year at Dunbar Grammar School were the guests of The Rotary Club of Dunbar at its meeting on Monday 19th June.  The students, Heather Cameron, Arabella Baptie, Zosia Kucsok, Morgan Forbes and Manon Wimbledon-Hall who had chosen the name “Reaching Out” for their group, have been working throughout the year with members of the Rotary Club on a year-long project which resulted in the production of the Dunbar Colouring Book.  In its introduction to the book, the group states: “We committed to a year-long project aiming to improve links between the oldest and youngest members of our community.  Through this colouring book, we celebrate stories and landscapes from Dunbar’s past and present.  Colouring-in has a therapeutic value both for relaxing and focussing on memories, so our partnership with Sue Northrop of Dementia Friendly links different members of our community by a shared love for creatively remembering history.”  The book, which contains pictures from Miss Dunbar Beauty Contest 1959, the Old Outdoor Swimming Pool and the John Muir Statue among many other fascinating glimpses into Dunbar’s past and present, will provide an interesting and rewarding activity to old and young alike. 
The students thanked East Lothian Council Area Partnership, The Rotary Club of Dunbar and The Community Council for their sponsorship in the production of the book.

The Colouring Book, price £2.00 is on sale in many retail outlets on High Street or from any member of the Rotary Club.  All proceeds will be donated to Dementia Friendly Dunbar.

Also at the meeting were Kirsty Wood and Gayle Reilly from East Lothian Special Needs Playcheme.  The Special Needs Playscheme, centred in North Berwick, provides full day playschemes during school holidays for East Lothian children aged 5 - 16 years with a wide range of special needs/ disabilities. The Scheme is a parent led charity offering exciting play, social and educational opportunities in a fun and friendly environment.  President Bob McKinnon of the Rotary Club, in presenting Gayle and Kirsty with a cheque for £1000, stated: “We hope this donation will help you in the running of your very worthwhile project, which provides a much needed resource to our community.”