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Gathered round the 'head'

Social Activities

more Rotary is not simply about fundraising and community support; it is also about having fun ....

Vicky Jack - Mountaineer

more Vicky Jacks talk to the club on 1st October 2013

RIBI Equality and Diversity Policy

more This page provides links to RIBI's policy document and a short video

Proposal - 2008/09


Notes on meeting 28th August 2007


Notes Committee Meeting 30th October


Committee Minutes - 29.01.2008


Membership Committee 2009/2010 Report for AGM


AGM report March 2011

more Annual report


more Sitting under the Club Members and Social Committee, Welfare is responsible for supporting Members and their families particularly in times of difficulty, such as ill health.

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Club Membership and Social

back This committee is primarily concerned with all 'people aspects' of the Club, but in particular the social side of Club activities.