Tuesday meetings

Tuesday lunchtimes was the only weekly meeting when the Club began in 1953 originally meeting at the then Yeadon Airport. Since then as times have changed so have the venues but we are now firmly ensconced at Horsforth Golf Club

But life suddenly changed under lockdown



But life suddenly changed under lockdown with meetings on Zoom and fundraising ideas like the 'Photographic Competition' keeping members involved and entertained as Alyson Wort's winning entry 'Stay put, stay warm' shows!

With the planned programme devastated by Covid 19, this year has called for radically different approaches for and from the Club’s membership. As a result, it has been for all of us a strange, one-off year but praise must go to all concerned for their diverse yet complementary efforts.

Secretary Graham has performed a sterling anchor role in sourcing a wonderful array of speakers for our fortnightly meetings. We have heard and learned from and subsequently supported nine different charity speakers plus a splendid magician as well as four of our own members President Raj Mani, Tony Scaife and Roger and Carol Ward.

All members are consistently kept informed through Board Meeting minutes, Treasurer’s monthly reports, Thursday meeting minutes, the sparkling Aireborough Bugle, monthly Aireborough Antics and the Club website.

Two Committees have kept going on Zoom, Membership and International chaired by Brian Whitham and Janet Kerr respectively.

We have enjoyed socially distanced social events. These have included the Christmas meeting with its carols, songs, poetry and duetting pianists as well as the five Paul Harris Fellowship presentations and the optional New Year celebration with its synchronised meal.

Fundraising was not halted because of members’ ingenuity in difficult times. Members, family and friends were all encouraged to support the Photographic Competition, the virtual Balloon Race, the Jakethon, Music from the Movies, the burgeoning 100 Club, the mobile library and the virtual Brass Band Concert. All helped to bring enjoyment and camaraderie and break temporarily the monotony of lockdown. Graham Davies and Brian Whitham for Rotary and Pat Mirfield for Inner Wheel took on walking challenges to raise additional funds. The only opportunity to break out of the stranglehold was running the Bottle Stall at an impressively decorated Yeadon Town Hall.

Our two Joint Meetings with Headingley continued, one including the District Governor and in addition a link was sealed with our sister Club Madras Chenna Patna. The Yoga classes transferred to Zoom, another opportunity to be sociable and to exercise in safety with numbers steadily increasing.

Large numbers of items of Personal Protective Equipment were both produced by a dedicated small group of friends, relatives and members, as well as sourced from financially supported outside groups then delivered by members to Hospitals, Ambulance Stations, Care Homes and local Charities.

What have been the drawbacks? Not everyone has taken to Zoom so the fellowship, repartee and witticisms we have been used to in meetings has largely gone by the Board for some. It did move sideways into WhatsApp.

The virtual world and the congeniality of social gatherings remain miles apart.

The first time we do eventually gather together in face-to-face meetings, two people, Bruce Hammond and Heather Read, who in their very different ways made invaluable contributions to the life of the Rotary Club of Aireborough will be missing but very fondly remembered.

Meetings are every Tuesday at 12.00 for 12.30 with each individual responsible for their date in the calendar of meetings. The last Tuesday of each month sees us meeting in the evening at 6.30 for 7.00 and inviting our wives, partners and Inner Wheel members to share whatever is in store. Lunchtime meetings have now been simplified to a single course plus coffee but the important aspect of fellowship has not been forgotten. More time however can now be given to discussion of projects, future events and speakers.

As a result of the format we select and listen to a variety of speakers as well as having the opportunity to hear and shape fund-raising and social events and projects both local and international.

The calendar of weekly meetings appears on this website. 

Picture shows RYLA & Ocean Youth Trust Students after speaking at a typical evening meeting

Tuesday meetings sub-pages:

Tuesday meeting 12.00 for 12.30 finishing at 14.00

more Meeting organiser/Speaker John Moorhouse, his topic Eight Days Cash desk Sally Mohan Reception Barrie Oldam

Zoom makes the world go round

Photographic Competition 'Life under Lockdown'

more A picture showing some aspect of your life under lockdown from Social Distancing to Exercise, from Hobbies to DIY projects, from Working to Volunteering

Special General Meeting, planning for 2020/2021 Rotary Year

more No need for cash desk or reception and grace

Tuesday group evening meeting 6.30 for 7.00

more Club Evening International Committee meeting: Roger and Carol Ward will talk about their recent time in Thailand and where it all began for them with Rotary. Vote of thanks Bill Hudson, cash desk Janet Appleton, grace and reception Graham Davies