Our Zambia Project - Update

The village of Monze in Zambia now have a flock of 100 chickens.

I have a further update for you about the Manungu chicken project. I visited Matilda and her husband Donald and family to see the chickens. They have 100 chickens which looked fine to me, they are in the chicken house behind fence you paid for. they are benefiting from the solar lights you provided both for warmth and light. The group helps 9 children with disabilities and 3 men in wheelchairs. Matilda told me she has taught a little girl called Gift how to walk.
The pre-school has 25 children aged 3 to 7 years. The teacher is called Modri. The group have the chickens as a source of income however they are finding it hard to pay the teacher £30 a month.
An organisation called Green Lion sends volunteers from European countries on short term working holidays to Monze. A group of university students from Paris has just completed making a toilet for the pre-school.
Please let me know if you want more information.
Best Wishes

Deana Owen
Friends of Monze 
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