Message in a Bottle

A simple idea but a potential life saver for vulnerable people and which is acknowledged by the emergency services. Look out for the little green crosses.


Another very longstanding project. We have now distributed c.140,000 bottles in total FREE to our community including 80,000 further afield to 31 Rotary clubs in Wales, England and Scotland. Our funding of £30,000 has been augmented by Rotary Foundation grants in recognition of its wider impact.

What is it?  A plastic bottle, about 10cm x 5cm, containing personal and medical information for use by emergency services in the event of a call-out, particularly when the victim or partner has difficulty in communicating.

What is in it?  An A4 form, filled in by the recipient, with help if necessary from a relative, friend, carer or nurse. Personal details include name and date of birth, height and weight. Medical details include medication, allergies, and any visual or hearing problems. Also included is the name and telephone number of the doctor and details of two people who can be contacted in an emergency. Any person or pet relying on the recipient for daily care is also included on the A4 form.

Where is it kept?  In the fridge door. Practically all homes have a fridge, and it will usually be in the kitchen. Two Green Cross stickers are provided, one to be stuck on the door of the fridge, the other to be fixed inside the entrance door but not visible from outside. These stickers will be noticed by emergency services and they will then gain immediate access to the vital information in the bottle.

Who gets it?  Initially, the bottles have been made available to elderly people living on their own, but this should not be regarded as exclusive, and anyone who is vulnerable can be included in the scheme. People caring for another in the household should be considered as their incapacity could result in two people being under threat.

How do they get it?  Distribution points are set up with the co-operation of various sources including pharmacies, surgeries, hospitals, day centres, domiciliary care providers, stroke clubs, sheltered accommodation schemes and Neighbourhood Watch schemes, amongst others. The bottles are supplied free of charge by Cardiff Bay Rotary.

Who uses it?  Any emergency attender. All emergency services are aware of and support the scheme - the Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue Service, Police Service and Social Services. If necessary the bottle and contents can be taken to an A&E department along with the patient.



Sut mae'r cynllun yn gweithio?

Cedwir eich manylion mewn potel blastig wedi'i labeli'n glir sy'n cael ei chadw yn nrws eich oergell (fridge). Ymddangosir dau label tebyg yn eich tŷ. Bydd y Gwasanaethau Argyfwng ac asiantaethau gofal eraill yn gwybod amdanynt. Felly, bydd eich manylion wrth law a bydd hyn yn caniatáu i bobl eraill roi cymorth i chi ac yn fwy effeithiol mewn argyfwng.

Beth mae'n rhaid i chi ei wneud?

1. Cwblhewch y ffurflen drosodd mewn priflythrennau. Defnyddiwch beiro.
2. Rholiwch y ffurflen a'i rhoi i mewn i'r botel. Os oes ffurflen bresgripsiwn gennych amgaeëwch honno hefyd. Caewch y botel.
3. Rhowch y botel yn nrws yr oergell mewn lle diogel a gweladwy.
4. Labeli - rhowch un ohonynt ar bwys eich drws ffrynt (ond dyw e ddim i'w weld o'r tu allan). Rhowch y llall y tu allan i ddrws yr oergell.
5. Os ydych yn teimlo y gallai'r cynllun helpu rhywun arall yn y tŷ, cadwch un botel wedi'i labeli'n glir ar gyfer y person hwnnw e.e. MR neu MRS

Os oes eisiau rhagor o boteli neu ffurflenni, cysylltwch â'r person a roddodd y botel wreiddiol i chi.

Dalier Sylw: Am resymau cyfrinachedd, nid yw Cardiff Bay Rotary yn cadw cofnod o dderbynwyr poteli. Nid yw Cardiff Bay Rotary yn llenwi'r ffurflenni a ni dderbynir cyfrifoldeb am gywirdeb y wybodaeth amgaeëdig.


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