First 'First Responders'

We funded one of the first 'First Responder' bikes in Cardiff. This service is run by St John's to free up ambulances and reach emergency situations in the city centre quickly to save lives.


Within minutes of a Welsh Ambulance Service-St John Cymru Wales life-saving partnership being launched on a Saturday morning in March 2013, First Responder Cyclists (FRCs) were attending an emergency call to a cardiac arrest patient in the city centre. FRCs shocked the England supporter twice with a defibrillator and he was conveyed to the University of Wales Hospital where he recovered.

FRC Dean Williams who was first on scene commented: “Thanks to the bicycles we were on scene in just over 2 minutes. I’m so glad we have been able to give the gentleman, who was an England supporter heading to the match, a chance and I hope he recovers. “We attended another 5 calls during the day, including a very young child having a fit. I’m just proud to be part of the team, and so grateful to all the organisations which have kindly sponsored and supported us.”

Following a successful pilot period over Christmas and New Year, the Welsh Ambulance Service and St John Cymru Wales in partnership have made their volunteers operational for the First Responder Cyclist (FRC) scheme in the centre of Cardiff. The scheme will include a team of seven FRCs on shifts using specially modified mountain bikes to cover the city's streets, pedestrian precincts and shopping arcades on Saturdays, and providing additional shifts when they are available. In many cases, the trained FRCs will be able to reach patients quickly ensuring that any essential life saving skills can be commenced immediately.

Paul Evans, then President of Cardiff Bay Rotary, commented: “We are delighted to support this innovative approach to reaching members of the public when medical help is needed without delay. Together with our medical emergency project - the Message in a Bottle Scheme – it strengthens our commitment to helping those in need.”

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