Lendwithcare , helping others to help themselves.

Lendwithcare is one of our ongoing international activities and brings together entrepreneurs in developing countries and people with the power to help them . The club has made more loans recently bringing the total number to over 400.

The club is delighted to support and recommend Lendwithcare, an organisation that brings together entrepreneurs in developing countries with people with the power to help them - people like you. Run by one of the world's leading aid and development organisations, Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way for you to help people in the developing world to transform their lives.

The Clubs account has already supported over 1500 entrepreneurs with loans totalling  in excess of £8,500.You too can support this individually by opening an account and linking your personal loan to them Stockport Lamplighter lending team  . Linking to the team is simply a way of promoting the club , the loans (and your money) are still yours to control , reinvest or withdraw .

It starts with an idea

Whether it's opening a market stall, or perhaps a small tailoring business, or diversifying the crops they grow, people across the developing world are bursting with business ideas – all they need is a helping hand to get started.

The entrepreneur requests a loan

Entrepreneurs approach a local Microfinance Institution (MFI) that is a Lendwithcare partner and, if their ideas show promise, they get the go-ahead for the loan they need to get their business going.

You lend to an entrepreneur

The MFI uploads the entrepreneur’s profile to Lendwithcare. You can see these in the Entrepreneurs section, where you can choose which promising business idea you’d like to support.

The entrepreneur’s business grows

Entrepreneur profiles are updated so you can see how their business is transforming their lives.Your loan is repaid

Your loan is repaid


The entrepreneur pays back their loan in installments to the MFI, which transfers these repayments to CARE International. We then credit the repayment to your Lendwithcare account. It’s as simple as that!

You decide what happens next


When your loan is repaid you can withdraw it if you wish. You can also donate it to CARE International or like the club , you can make another loan, helping more entrepreneurs turn their ideas and hopes for a better future into reality.

Summary April 2024


This short video, shows just how it works:



An end of year thank you video from Lendwithcare.

Video Link





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