A Garden project is being undertaken at Victoria School as a result of the Club obtaining a generous Grant from the Coop.

 The grant was awarded some 14 months ago for a garden and growing awareness project at this school which has worked closely and supportively with our Club over the last 2 years helping us to raise significant monies for local Charities.That work and cooperation looks set to continue.The Coop cheque for £2006 was recieved five months ago, during the last Rotary year (2016/17) but until we could see that the project was committed and under way it had not been handed over.

 The Head Teacher, Mrs Debbie Eccles, hopes to have the Project completed by year end, and cetainly early enough for the 2018 growing season. We have offerd help and advice with procurement and growing.

 The secure boundary fence has been installed over the summer holidays and the remaining work will involve the considerable expense of covering the tarmac within the "garden" with artificial grass. Moveable planters will be introduced and hanging baskets will be attached to the rails. The children are very excited at this latest development and as can be seen were delighted to touch the money!

 Mrs Eccles is sen with the school's busuness secretary recieving the cheque which they both describe as a"wonderful help" to the life learning experience at this school.

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